In Pioneer Junior College, Tennis is a Co-Curricular Activity that caters to both recreational and competitive players. Trainings are held twice a week at the tennis courts in the college, and members participate annually in the National Inter-School Tennis Championships. The PJC tennis team is united and passionate about the sport. They train hard together and aim to achieve common goals of personal development and team-building. As a collective unit, they foster deep bonds and never forget to enjoy their time spent in the courts.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers I/Cs: 
Ms Teo Zhen Li Rachel
Ms Yvonne Koh Feng Ying
Mr Peh Kok Seng

Advantage Tennis

Captain (Boys) 
Tua Jing Yu Jonas

Vice-Captain (Boys) 
Yap Qi Zhen

Captain (Girls) 
Rayen Chai

Vice-Captain (Girls)
Megan Pang Meien

Training days and time:
Wednesday (3.00 pm - 5.00 pm)
Friday (4.00 pm - 6.00 pm)


Pioneer Junior College, Tennis Courts