Tsuyu Club



Tsuyu Society started off as a student-initiated CCA in 2013, dedicated to help its members, as well as the rest of the school population, to understand and appreciate Japanese culture. The society gathers passionate students, who aim to promote intercultural vibrancy in the college. During our CCA sessions, members explore different aspects of Japanese culture and history, as well as learn basic Japanese language. Our activities also include creating information boards (providing interesting knowledge relevant to the four seasons in Japan), learning journeys, service learning activities (to touch base with the Japanese community staying in Singapore), and engaging hands-on activities like origami and Shogi (Japanese chess) lessons. Our members make full use of every session to better understand and appreciate the intricacies of Japanese culture, and seek to promote its awareness within the Pioneer community.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c

Mr So Swee Hock


Timothy Teng
Class: 17S15

Kan Weng Yi
Class: 17S06

Training days and time:
Wednesday, 2.30pm – 5.30pm; 
Friday, 4.30pm – 6.00 pm (ad-hoc activities)