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Mental Well-Being Programme

Peer Support Programme (PSP)

Our college organizes students (Peer Coaches) who initiates and establishes a relationship of help and support with their peers. The motto of the Peer Support Program (PSP) is: “From by-standing to Standing by me”. The goals are :
  • To provide social & emotional support to their peers, and assist teachers in providing front line support to their peers 
  • Help or assist teachers to identify peers who are in distress or in need of help and refer them to the teachers/Counsellor for assistance 
  • Provide compassionate leadership to community-serving learning projects
As part of the Peer Support Programme (PSP), our students (Peer Coaches) will be equipped with general knowledge and skills on managing Mental Health issues. They are trained by the School Counsellor as well as trainers from Health Promotion Board (HPB).

School Counselling

School Counselling is a resource within the college to support students in their social, emotional and life endeavours through one-to-one or small group sessions. The college counselling committee comprises a Full-time School Counsellor (FTSC) and Teacher Counsellors (TCs) who are equipped with the necessary skills to assist and counsel students.

We aim to develop our students by providing them with opportunities to acquire the necessary competencies to be more resilient as they deal with the various transitions of life. School counselling involves helping the students in the following areas:

Personal Issues

  • Self-Esteem 
  • Grief and Loss 
  • Stress Management 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Relationship Issues 

One student who has been counselled shared: “Personal counselling has helped me see an alternative views in my personal issues and hence allows me to think of ways to tackle my issues.”

Educational Issues

  • Motivation and academic goals 
  • Study Skills 
  • Time Management 
  • Learning Styles 
  • Behaviour Management and Support 
  • Supporting students with special needs 

“The time management sessions have equipped me to further challenge the way I use my time in my CCA, & studies. I am thankful for the knowledge acquired!” JC 1 Student

Career Counselling

  • Personality Profiling 
  • Career Choices and Influences 
  • Education Pathways Guidance 
  • Career Decision Making 

“I did not know that there are so many choices to choose in a career. I am glad that the profiling has helped me see my strengths and my weaknesses and allow me to make wise decision in my future career.” JC 2 Student

For more information on the counselling services and resources as well as for counselling appointments, please contact

Ms Estelle Chia
Full-time School Counsellor (FTSC) @ 65646878 Ext 269

Our Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Counsellor, Mr Steven Wu is in college every Thursday. Students can make an appointment with him. His email address is wu_che_vun_steven@moe.edu.sg

The following are some contact numbers of external agencies and organizations that students could also get in touch with for assistance and support. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of helplines available in Singapore. Do contact the college’s FTSC or Teacher Counsellors for more details.


Issues Covered

Operating Hours


Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

For anybody in crisis & with suicidal tendencies 

24 hours


1800 221 4444

Institute of Mental Health 

Mental health

24 hours


6389 2222

National Addictions Management Service


Any addictions

24 hours


6732 6837 (6-RECOVER)


Urgent financial

assistance / any others

7am – 12 midnight


1800 222 0000

CHAT- Community Health Assessment Team

Mental health

12pm – 9pm

(Tues – Sun)

6493 6500 / 6493 6501



8.30am – 6pm


8.30am – 1pm


1800 438 2000


Gaming addiction,

internet-related issues

10am – 10pm

(Mon – Sat)

1800 377 2252

Singapore Association for

Mental Health Helpline


9am – 6pm


1800 283 7019

Counselling and Care Centre


9am – 5pm


6536 6366

                                                                                          Details of Helplines

Resources for Students:

  • Transition to college 
  • Effective note taking skills 
  • Making your Study More Effective 
  • Stress Management Fact Sheet 
  • Using the internet safely and responsibly