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Student Leadership

Students Leadership in PJC


Every Pioneer A Leader (EPAL)

Leadership Philosophy

          1. Every Pioneer can be a leader, starting with self leadership. 
          2. Leadership can be learned, by cultivating a set of positive habits. 
          3. By offering opportunities for Pioneers to initiate projects, lead other students and mentor future leaders; every Pioneer can better manage themselves and their relationship with others, and at the same time develop their leadership competencies. 

Five Leadership Competencies

          1. Initiative 
          2. Influence 
          3. Managing the team 
          4. Working with others 
          5. Developing others 

Our Leadership Development Framework


          1. Our core belief is that every Pioneer can be a leader starting with self-leadership. 
          2. The college offers opportunities and programmes to develop the five leadership competencies for Pioneers. The college also adopts a college-wide leadership approach where teachers constantly empower, guide and affirm the students to reinforce the competencies in and outside academic areas. 
          3. With these competencies, Pioneers will be able to lead themselves, lead their peers and eventually lead the community around them.