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Student Management

In line with the Pioneer Junior College’s vision of “Always Serving, Always learning” the discipline philosophy of the college aims to support the nurturing of a compassionate and caring leader by instilling in our students desired values and behaviours that are exemplary.

The college’s discipline framework reinforces the college’s commitment to provide a holistic education for Pioneers and the college has adopted the essence of MOE’s Discipline framework to support, teach, exercise, redirect in its student management processes. The college’s Student Management Committee uses the responsible thinking approach or the “same side” approach to help and guide students to think responsibly, reflect on their actions, understand their responsibilities and come up with collaborative solutions. The college believes in taking time to work together with students to learn through reflections, close monitoring and counseling where necessary.

The college also adopts a whole school approach towards student management where everyone - from the Principal, Vice-Principals, Heads of Departments, teachers to non-teaching staff, - take pride in ensuring our students demonstrate good values and behaviour. The college also strongly believes in the active engagement of parents to enable the college to inculcate good social and moral values in students.

The college has developed a clear set of rules and regulations and shares its discipline philosophy with the students. The rationale for the rules and regulation are also shared with Pioneers so that they do not follow rules blindly but understand the intent and reasoning for these rules, how these would serve them well in future and put them in good stead as they embark on the next phase of their lives.

We trust that Pioneers who graduate from PJC would certainly become responsible adults and citizens who are ready to contribute to the community and the nation.

Please click here for our college rules and regulations.