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Talent Development

Learner, Leader, Pioneer

Talent Development @ PJC

At Pioneer Junior College, we are committed to nurturing a community of committed learners and compassionate leaders. We believe that every student has a talent in one or more areas. As a nurturing ground for talents, we seek to develop and realise the full potential of every student.

A ‘Learner’ is one who recognises one’s interests, strengths and needs, continuously seeks opportunities to improve oneself, is reflective and responsible for one’s learning.

A ‘Leader’ is one who demonstrates moral courage, is adaptable and resilient, is committed to the needs of the community, takes initiative, is able to harness and develop the strengths of others and encourages them to work towards a common goal.

A ‘Pioneer’ is one who is innovative and has the courage to venture into unknown territory and pursue excellence.

Our Programmes

Sirius Scholars Programme

The Sirius Scholars Programme is tailored to allow academically-able students to pursue and achieve different peaks of excellence. Every Sirius scholar has mentor who will provide academic guidance and chart his/her development based on his/her needs and aspirations. Besides the signature programmes such as the MP attachment and Overseas Work Shadowing Programmes, Sirius scholars are given the opportunities to initiate Values In Action or Service Learning Projects to contribute to the community and to enrich their learning.

Student Leadership Programme

With the vision, ‘Every Pioneer A Leader’, the college’s Student Leadership Programme provides numerous opportunities for students to develop their leadership competencies to lead self, lead peers and lead leaders. Apart from the level-wide training using Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits which all Pioneers go through, students can choose from a variety of leadership portfolios at the class level, CCA level and college level. Students can also initiate special projects in which they can lead and mentor their peers.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

We offer a wide range of CCAs from the physically challenging to the intellectually stimulating to cater to the diverse interests of our students. Students can choose a CCA from the Sports and Games, Arts and Aesthetics or Passion and Interest. Students can even gather like-minded friends who share the same interest to initiate a CCA. At Pioneer Junior College, students are empowered to plan and run their CCAs under the guidance of their teachers. By allowing greater student voice, there will be greater ownership and opportunities for students to discover, develop and excel in the area of their talents

Sports and Games

Arts and Aesthetics

Passion and Interest


Chinese Cultural Society

Audio-Visual Club



Chess Club


English Drama Society

Community Engagement Council


Indian Cultural Society

Debate Society


Malay Cultural Society

Eco Club

Gym Fit

Modern Dance Club

Infocomm Club

Hockey (Girls)


Interact Club


Symphonic Band 


Table Tennis

Pioneer Press 



 The Ambassadors



 Tsuyu Society

Ten-Pin Bowling


Touch Rugby (Girls)


Ultimate Frisbee









PJC SUTD Collaboration

This year, PJC embarked on a collaborative effort with the new and 4th local university – Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). PJC has always embraced innovation, design and technology in in our approaches towards Science and Arts subjects and SUTD was an ideal partner. Our collaboration with SUTD is not only to expose our students in the areas of innovation and design but also to make our students realize the diverse opportunities of engineering as an exciting profession. In brief, we intend to create a breeding ground in Pioneer JC to train and nurture future innovators who are excited about the possibilities of engineering as a dynamic profession.

Mr James Koh (HOD Partnership & Outreach) awarding Friends of PJC to Prof Hyowon Lee