2013 Events

Passion and Interest Day 2013

Over 250 students from 10 CCA Clubs took part in the inaugural Passion and Interest Day on 29 April 2013. The Passion and Interest Day was a combined CCA day where students could sign up to experience an activity conducted by another CCA.

Students had an interesting range of activities to choose from, including balloon sculpting, photo taking, computer programming, gardening, launching water rockets, learning about dining etiquette, playing in a chess competition, knot tying and basha pitching. These activities were all organised and planned by students to engage their peers.

It was a good opportunity for students to discover their passion in different areas and also a good chance for the student facilitators to share their expertise.

A water rocket demonstration by the Alchemist Club.

ODACians after their sharing session.

Students from the Media Club recording PJ Ambassadors in action during their sharing on dining etiquette.

[Posted on 23.5.13]