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> 2011 China Studies Field Trip to Xiamen

2011 China Studies Field Trip to Xiamen

Held in the last week of November 2011, the China Studies Xiamen Field Trip aimed at exposing students to the socio-economic dynamism of modern China. As an important Special Economic Zone in China, Xiamen is a vibrant city located along the coast of southern Fujian and the 2nd most livable city in China. Students experienced a unique blend of modernity with well-preserved centuries-old traditions through visits to commercial centers, Yongding Hakka earth-buildings and ancient cosmopolitan trade centers like Zhangzhou and Quanzhou. In addition, their experiences were further enriched from lessons on contemporary China conducted by knowledgeable lecturers from Jimei and Xiamen Universities, thus giving students the opportunity to interact directly with these scholars and gain deeper insights on China’s challenges in the years to come. Moreover, we also witnessed the desire of the Chinese universities to go global to facilitate its rise as a global power. These are indeed eye-opening experiences for us as we understood first-hand the rapid transformations that China is undergoing and the implications for Singapore in the near future. In conclusion, students are now more appreciative of their national heritage and the powerfully intertwined Sino-Singapore ties deepened as they are awed by the visit to Tan Kah Kee Memorial, a huge estate built by the Chinese government to commemorate the pioneer who is dear to the peoples of both countries.

Visit to Tenfu Tea College, the first college in the world that specializes in tea production. 

The Hakka Earth-Building is a magnificent structure that could only be found in south-eastern China today. 

Jimei University was founded by Mr. Tan Kah Kee, a Singapore pioneer and philanthropist who never fails to give back to society wholeheartedly. It specializes in maritime studies.

Xiamen University is another institution founded by Mr. Tan Kah Kee, and it is one of the most renowned tertiary institutions in China and the world today. It specializes in the study of overseas Chinese.

This is one of the shoe factories or Township Village Enterprises in Quanzhou that produces shoes for exports. Such industries help provide extra income for the locals who depend mostly on the agricultural sector.