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Interact Club - Cambodia, Phnom Penh

My visit to Cambodia was a very humbling and enlightening experience. The experience away from my comfort zones in Singapore has broadened my perspectives of the world and provided much insight into the lives and history of the people in Cambodia.

This visit to Cambodia highlighted many of the privileges we Singaporeans often take for granted, such as the cleanliness we enjoy everywhere, as well as the efficiency of our infrastructures. The flow of traffic on the streets in Cambodia is congested throughout the city and the streets are often full of litter.

Cambodia has often been regarded as a Third-World Country; however this expression may not be applicable in the near future. Construction works are picking up rapidly, and the country is showing consistent and healthy economic development. After the Cambodians fought through the trying period under the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia’s development is hastening. It was an eye opener as Phnom Penh is now in a state like how Singapore was a few decades ago; at the rate they are going, they will catch up with Singapore in time to come.


@ TheIndependenceMonument

@ Kok Romeat Primary School, where we built a toilet, as well as constructed several tables and stools for the students.

We conducted Basic English lessons for the students as well.

The students showed their appreciation.

PJC presented a souvenir to the principal of the primary school at the closing ceremony.