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Literature oversea trip 2011

Write-up 1 – by Chan Jin Wen Sherilyn (11A02)

On 29 November 2011, a day that 27 people were eagerly waiting for, we departed for “The Land Down Under” on a trip to explore Melbourne, Australia, through a literary lens. Despite having to endure a chilly summer, the erratic weather was worth it as we gained new insights and saw the topics and issues in our Literature lessons come to life in the environment and experiences we shared there.

The trip was nothing short of enriching for me as it really opened my eyes and allowed me to view things from many new and different perspectives, especially with a keen consciousness of how ‘Women in Literature’ is much more than a mere topic of study, but is truly interwoven into our everyday lives both in Singapore and abroad. We immersed ourselves in the history of Australia during our visit to the Shrine of Remembrance and the Immigration Museum, had our breath taken away by the thriving arts scene in Melbourne after being a part of the audience in the cabaret ‘Meow Meow’s Little Match Girl’, and visits to the National Gallery of Victoria and Parliament House. Putting aside the Literature-related takeaways, the trip let us imbibe many valuable life lessons and form many new friendships. We headed back to Singapore with new literary insights and countless fond memories of an unforgettable experience.

Write-up 2 – by Amanda Karmene

Learning about the culture and history of the Australians was an eye opener for starters. The museum trips surprisingly were not the slightest bit boring and I did enjoyed seeing many of the exhibits on display. We also had the privilege of speaking to a real war hero, whom after the war, went into depression due to the traumatic experience during the war. Yet, he was brave enough to stand in front of his audience to share his experiences. The little match girl performance showed how the simplest of stories could be made into something spectacular, with good values that could be learnt. One more important expect of Australia was the farms. Farmer own huge plots of land and they have herds of cows, goats and sheep under their care. In Singapore, some of us may view that farming is a “poor man’s job”. However, in Australia, which has one of the highest beef output in the world, farmers are generally wealthy and some even started farming to have a more relaxed lifestyle. This more relaxed lifestyle really intrigued me as back here in Singapore we work long hours everyday. However, there in Australia, they end work as early as 5pm everyday and enjoy the night life after that. Yet, I still love Singapore and what is noteworthy is that, I developed a deeper love for my country after the trip.


The first picture a student took which somehow, also manages to capture the beauty of the country in general

Here's something we constantly did in Melbourne. Yes, lying on random grass patches. Clean and comfy!

At the Immigration Musuem! Talk about taking metrosexuality to a whole new level

At the National Library of New Zealand

At Changi Airport before departure

Everyone's excited before going in to watch the caburet!