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ODAC OCIP trip to Nepal 2011

The ODAC OCIP trip to Nepal was indeed a step outside our comfort zones as a group of 24 students and 3 teachers travelled from a developed city to a developing country such as Nepal. We were rewarded with new perspectives about life in general and it was an eye opening experience. During this trip, we ventured beyond our limits by trekking for 3 days from Kathmandu towards the chilly regions of Chisapani and finally to the village of Nagarkot where we enjoyed the beautiful scenery that only Nepal can offer. We also camped in the cold and darkness that enveloped us quickly as night fell. In addition, this trekking adventure has given us ample opportunities to bond as a CCA as we endured the hardships of climbing the seemingly insurmountable slopes and slippery paths through one another’s encouragement and help. The Nepali’s hospitality and warmth touched our hearts, be it the local guides whom we climbed with or the children at the local school which we visited. Their willingness and enthusiasm to travel for miles on foot to study made us reflect on our own attitudes towards studies and radically changed our perspectives towards education. Through our interaction with the children at the local school, we realised that whatever we have in Singapore should not be taken for granted and we must always appreciate what we have. In short, this was a fruitful and meaningful trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives.


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