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> Overseas work-shadowing Trip to Shanghai 2011

Overseas work-shadowing Trip to Shanghai 2011

Eight impassioned students and two adroit teachers set off to Shanghai on 20th November for a 9D8N overseas work-shadowing trip last year. We were very fortunate to be given this wonderful opportunity to embark on a work attachment to a prestigious company - Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co. Ltd.

During the trip, we got to experience the working life in China and received greater insights into and exposure to the culture of China. Translation, keying in data, making phone calls; these may seem to be insignificant but it is only through the combination of these minor tasks and meticulous planning that an exhibition can be organized and executed successfully.

Other than inducting ourselves to the working life in Shanghai, we also visited places like the Shanghai World Financial Center, Urban Planning Exhibition Centre, Shanghai Science Centre amongst many others. It was indeed an eye-opening experience for all of us! We even got to enjoy a stupendous Acrobatic Show that left us in awe!

Lastly, the time spent together really bonded all of us. We set off as a group of school mates yearning for an overseas work-shadowing experience but we came back as a group of close friends who enjoyed one another’s company and help not only at Shanghai but till now, even after we are back in Singapore. Even though the trip may have long ended, the relationships that we had forged would stay with us indefinitely.


This was the last group photo we took at Shanghai. It was really a trip filled with opportunities for us to explore the working culture and the environment at Shanghai.

Right after our breakfast on the 2nd day of the trip, we were all anxious for our first day at work at the Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co. Ltd.

This is the company where our work shadowing is held, together with the person-in-charge of liaising with us, Miss Shao.

This is a visit to the Shanghai World Financial Center, with the photograph taken at the 100th floor of the building.

The breathtaking night scenery at The Bund (上海外滩).