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PJC Commemorates Total Defence Day 2011

PJC Commemorates Total Defence Day 2011

For every Singaporean student, the mention of Total Defence (TD) invokes the memory of hearing public sirens being sounded and being reminded of the part everyone plays in TD. However, Pioneer Junior College (PJC) commemorated Total Defence (TD) Day with a twist this year. Servicemen from Signal Formation's 11 Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (11C4I) Battalion put together a special TD Day National Service Forum as well as a showcase of its equipment.

During the seminar, students were able to send their questions through text messages which were displayed on the screen in real time. A total of 220 questions were fielded which were addressed by a panel of senior commanders from 11C4I, including its CO, LTC Alan Yeoh, and NSmen. This allowed for an engaging session of dialogue as students had the rare opportunity to get direct answers from Army representatives.

Following the NS Forum, an emotional and meaningful flashback appeared in front of the audience. The story of our Pioneer. Mr Tan Kah Kee. A drama skit was the highlight of this segment. Students on stage explained the importance of psychological defence to the audience by using the selfless and compassionate spirit of Mr Tan kah Kee as an example.

Besides this programme, 11C4I also showcased equipment such as the mini UAV and the Handheld Messaging Transmittor (HMT). The Command Post (also known as 'Megatron') was also shown. Its strong presence attracted hordes of students curious to see its interior. Another crowd favourite was the two bikers from the Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (RSTA) company as many students took turns to pose with our proud servicemen on their bikes.

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