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Huanli Jiujiang Education Foundation

Huanli Jiujiang Foundation was officially incorporated in Pioneer JC jointly by Chairman of Jiangsu Huanli Technology and Development Co.Ltd (江苏环力科技发展有限公司) Mr Chen Ren De and Chairman of Jiu Jiang Investment Group Pte Ltd (上海久江投资集团有限公司) Mr Jiang Wei Bin in 2014. The founders pledged $60 000 on an annual basis to the foundation for a period of 10 years. 

The foundation provides 10 Bursary Awards each year to students who come from humble family background, but possess good academic grades. The intention of the award is to help these students cope with their financial difficulties and encourage them to continue to do well both in their academic pursuits and character development. 

On top of the 10 Bursary Awards, in the spirit of celebrating students’ talents and to encourage outstanding achievers to scale even greater heights, 10 Scholarship Awards are to be given out each year for students with outstanding academic performance. 

The foundation’s co-founder, Mr Chen Ren De, embodies the classic example of ‘rags to riches’. Building his business empire through sheer hard work and determination, he started from a small enterprise in Zhejiang operating at his humble home to a multinational company distributing his products to Europe and many parts of the world. 

Mr Jiang Wei Bin shared his success story with our students during one of the work shadowing trips to his company in Shanghai. Coming from a humble family background, equipped with a one way ticket from Shanghai to Wen Ling at the age of 18, Jiang Wei Bin conquered numerous obstacles before attaining success as an entrepreneur. He reminded students to always treasure and be grateful to what they have in the present and that there are no boundaries in one’s learning.' 

Huan Li Jiujiang Scholarship Recipients

Huan Li Jiujiang Bursary Recipients