Huan Li Jiujiang Scholarship


The Huanli-Jiujiang Scholarship is founded by Chairman of Jiangsu Huanli Technology and Development Co.Ltd (江苏环力科技发展有限公司), Mr Chen Ren De and Chairman of Jiu Jiang Investment Group Pte Ltd (上海久江投资集团有限公司), Mr Jiang Wei Bin in 2014. Driven by their passion to support students in their educational journey, this scholarship is given to students with outstanding academic performance and hence it encourages them to scale even greater heights in future. 

The students who have been selected for this scholarship are as follows:

Name Class
1 Gerk Shermin 16S20
2 Lew Wei De 16S15
3 Wong Xiao Song 16S02
4 Ong Sin Yee 16S18
5 Ting Ya En 16S02
6 Tay Chao Yu 17S01
7 Wendy Ke Hui Fen 17S07
8 Ang Boon Kiat Bryan 17S07
9 Ong Wei Teng 17A04
10 Edmund Ang Wei hao 17S11