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Engaging China Programme

“With a rich and fascinating history, unique cultural and philosophical traditions and its meteoric rise as a giant economic power, the importance of understanding modern China has never been greater. An understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language, culture and society will help you to acquire new skills and develop new interests that may be of considerable value to you in your future career and enable you to be more competitive in the global market.”

Mrs Tan-Kek Lee Yong, Principal, Pioneer Junior College 

MOU with TOP China Universities

Led by our Principal Mrs Tan, the college has embarked on collaborations with top Universities in China, forging direct entry and scholarships opportunities for Pioneers who wished to further their studies in China. With growing influence on the world's economy, the future of business and trade will be largely focused on China. Students who pursue their studies in China will definitely have an added advantage to tap on the world's largest domestic market.

The college has forged collaborative partnerships with the following institutions in china:

1.      2008 to present      Fudan University (Shanghai ) Ranked top 3 in China!

2.      2009 to present      Xiamen University 

3.      2014 to present      Zhejiang University (Top Technological University in China)

Developing China-Quotient

Pioneer JC’s Engaging China Programme provides opportunties for students to broaden and deepen their understanding of China's political, socio-cultural and economic dynamism and its potential in the future. Through the activities organised by the ECP, these young adults would gather experiences that would help them engage China in future. This is in-line with the growing clout of China as an economic powerhouse and in response to the growing interest in China among the various groups of stakeholders.

More specifically, the key objective of the ECP is to equip our students with the 21st century skills and competencies, to be a confident, concerned citizen, who not only is a self-directed learner, but a active contributor to society.

Our students become more culturally savvy, build sufficient cultural capital and cultural quotient while living out the college motto: “While I live, I learn”.

Teachers participating in Engaging China Programme. 

Chinese teachers visiting Pioneer Junior College. 


Chinese principles visiting Pioneer Junior College. 


Chinese school leaders visiting Pioneer Junior College. 


Chinese teachers visiting Pioneer Junior College. 


Chinese teachers visiting Pioneer Junior College. 

Chinese teachers visiting Pioneer Junior College. 

American teachers visiting Pioneer Junior College. 

Japanese students visiting Pioneer Junior College. 

Launch of Huanli-Jiujiang Education Foundation


Beneficiaries of Huanli-Jiujiang Education Foundation

Opportunities for All

The unique feature of the PJC’s ECP programme is that all its activities are conducted in English and hence caters to both ethnic Chinese and non-Chinese students in the college and provides all students equal opportunities to know and understand China.

Arrival of the Guest-of-Honour, Minister for Health and MP for Choa Chu Kang GRC, Mr Gan Kim Yong. 

Our Flagship

Ever since the first Engaging China Seminar was started on March 2009, the event has grown in leaps and bounds to a national level event with Ministers serving as keynote speakers reaching out to no less than 1,200 participants.

This year, the college collaborated with Business China in organising the China-Quotient Student Forum. Entitled “Grooming a Generation of Bicultural Singaporeans”, Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office shared his China experience with students from secondary schools and junior colleges at the Forum.

Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, addressing both students and educators in the 2012 China-Quotient Forum held in PJC. 

Engaged Students during the Engaging China Seminar. 

Inaugural China Quotient Teachers' Forum

2013 marked the launch of the inaugural China Quotient Teachers’ Forum, a joint collaboration between Pioneer Junior College and Business China.

With the theme ‘Preparing Singaporean Youths To Be Future-Ready, China-Savvy’, this forum saw over 600 educators from MOE HQ Officials, school leaders, department heads and teachers from various primary, secondary schools, junior colleges and tertiary institutions attend this event.

The forum highlight was the launch of the China Quotient Educator’s Resource Package. Jointly developed and produced by PJC and Business China, this package serves as a starting point for educators to raise awareness of the importance of understanding China to students from Primary to Pre-university level. Developed with the aim of achieving Character, and Citizenship Education outcomes and developing 21st century Competencies, the package is also an ideal platform for learners to develop critical thinking, National Education values and leadership competencies and provides opportunities for educators to hone their professional skills.

Guest of honor, Minister for Education, Heng Swee Keat in his keynote address, shared that China’s rapid transformation had a profound impact not just on Singapore but the rest of the world. He highlighted the importance for our students to learn as much as possible so as to anticipate any challenges that may come our way.

Noted American investor Mr Jim Rogers was a guest speaker at the event shared his experiences and further emphasized the growing importance in being China savvy. He later joined Minister in a panel discussion with our educators.

Inaugural China Quotient Teachers Forum pic 1.jpg
 Minister Heng Swee Keat, the honorary guest, addressing the teachers and guests at the forum. 

Inaugural China Quotient Teachers Forum pic 3.jpg
Mr Jim Rogers’ daughters Happy and Bee impressed the audience with their fluent Mandarin

Inaugural China Quotient Teachers Forum pic 2.jpg
Guest speaker, Mr Jim Rogers. 

Inaugural China Quotient Teachers Forum pic 5.jpg
The Middle Kingdom board game specially made by Pioneer Junior College. 

Inaugural China Quotient Teachers’ Forum pic 4.jpg
 Launch of China Quotient Education Package by Minister Heng.

Opportunities for Higher Learning

Our programme even explores education opportunities and pathways for our students with the signing of MOUs for Direct Admission to Fudan University and Xiamen University in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

To date, we have students pursuing their undergraduate studies in these prestigious universities in China.

Our Innovation

The Middle Kingdom Race boardgame is the pride of PJC as it not only employs the latest teaching pedagogy, but has been designed and developed by our very own students and teachers in 2010. As it is one of our hallmarks of innovation and creativity, we received congratulatory notes from our former President S R Nathan and former Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The boardgame is used to introduce China to students.

The efficacy of the boardgame as a teaching and learning tool was also affirmed by educators when a research paper on the use of the game was successfully presented at Harvard University in 2011. The paper was subsequently published in the International Journal of Arts and Science.

The Middle Kingdom Race Boardgame