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2012 Overseas Sports Trip

Overseas Sports Trip (9/3/2012-11/3/2012)

During the March holidays in 2012, four sports groups namely volleyball, basketball, netball and rugby went for an exchange programme with schools in Malacca. This 3 days 2 nights sports trip to Malacca had been a valuable and enjoyable experience for them. The bond they had was put to the test in this trip as they had to look out for one another in a foreign land.

The objective of the programme was to foster closer bonds between teammates, build teamwork and rapport through friendly matches. Friendly matches were held against the Malacca state teams such as the SMJK Yok Bin School and Selandar Integration School.

It was a good opportunity for the JC1s and JC2s to get to know one another’s playing styles so that they could work better as a team which will ultimately help them in their ‘A’ Division competitions. From the friendly matches, they were able to find out their strengths and weaknesses and thus improve on them. It was good exposure for the students as they were also able to learn from their opponents. Lastly, the team bonding the students had was priceless as it had brought their individual teams closer together.

Although the trip was short, the students benefitted a lot from it as they had time to bond as a team and learn about Malaccan heritage and culture.

The Basketball Teams

The Volleyball Teams

The Netball Team

The Rugby Team

Visit to Jonker Street, a popular shopping district, with a wide and interesting collection of diversified culture and a unique blend of Eastern and Western culture.

Visit to some historical sites such as the Malacca Museum, where we learnt more about the reign of the Portuguese in Malacca in the past.