2013 Events

J2 MLEP Graduation Showcase

On 4th May 2013, PJC’s Malay Language (ML) Unit successfully organised the first MLEP Graduation Drama Showcase. This showcase highlighted the works of the first cohort of MLEP students. The Guest-of-Honour was Mr Mohamed Noh Bin Daipi, Director of Malay Language Centre of Singapore and Assistant Director for Mother Tongue Branch/Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education.

Entitled KAWAN (FRIENDS), the production was written by Mr Yazid B Hussein and Muhammad Haris B Hasram (12A02). 'Kawan' is a theatrical production, which examined the concept of autism.



Apart from the Graduation showcase, the ML Unit also launched an anthology that consisted of MLEP students’ write-up titled ANTOLOGI – AKU ADALAH MANUSIA DAN LAIN-LAIN (Translated: Anthology- ‘I am Human and other stories’).

The production received overwhelming response from primary to junior colleges students, ex-pioneers, MOE officers and MLEP family members and friends. All money collected from the sale of tickets was donated to PJC Students Needy Fund.

Windows on Work

Collaboration with Young Association of Muslim

Role-play for interview session 

2nd National Malay Literature Seminar

Mr Hawazi Daipi launched the seminar 

PJC presenters and teacher-mentor, Cikgu Yazid Hussein together with SPS Mr Hawazi Daipi 

J1 H2MLL/MLEP students’ performance 

Student-presenters together with their teachers-mentor