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Sirius Scholars Programme

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The Sirius Scholars Programme adopts a broad-based and holistic approach that aims to develop our scholars to their full potential, groom them for scholarships of their choice and empower them to achieve their career goals and aspirations. The programme also develops a Sirius Scholar to be a compassionate, informed (global outlook & concerned citizen) and skilful leader who would take on a scholarship and serve the community in his/her best capacity in future.

Mission: To provide promising students with meaningful guidance, opportunities and exposure to make them compassionate, informed and skilful leaders in the 21st Century.

Vision:  A Scholar, A Leader, An Active Contributor

Selection Criteria

  • L1R5 Raw Score of 10 and below.
  • Other considerations
- Character reference

- CCA leaders with reasonable result

- Unique talent/areas of strengths

Sirius Scholars are EMPOWERED through:

  • Structured Mentoring Programme
Each scholar is assigned a teacher as his/her personal mentor whom he/she can look to for academic guidance and advice, developmental needs and plans, socio-emotional learning needs, insights into careers and general sharing of experiences.


  • MP Attachment Programme 

Scholars are attached to a Member of Parliament during the meet-the-people session. They are able to gain an insight of the real concerns of the community and how the MP as a leader views and resolves the various issues.

Our Sirius Scholars with Minister Gan during the MP attachment programme
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Our Sirius Scholars with Dr Amy Khor during MP attachment programme
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Our Sirius Scholars with Mr Alex Yam during the MP
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Our Sirius Scholars with Mr Zaqy during the MP Attachment programme
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Grassroots Engagement Programme

The Grassroots Engagement Programme is a community-based project that is designed to expose our Sirius Scholars to higher-level community work. It aims to deepen our scholars’ understanding of the community and environment so that they can be compassionate leaders.

Our Sirius Scholars participating and contributing to a Residents’ Committee meeting in Yuhua SMC
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Our Sirius Scholars assisting the elderly during a Pioneer Generation Appreciation Party at Genting Hotel
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Our Sirius Scholars presenting Minister Grace Fu with a Thank-You card at the end of the Grassroots Attachment Programme
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·         Overseas Trip to NUSRI and Work Shadowing at Huanli Electric Pte Ltd

Our Sirius Scholars interacting with Mr Bryan Shi, a successful entrepreneur who owns a few translation companies.
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Group Photo at NUSRI
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Group photo at Huanli company where the students participated in a structured 3 day work shadowing programme
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The NUSRI overseas programme seeks to provide our students an insight into entrepreneurship and enterprise. The fast changing economic environment requires our students to be innovative, flexible and adaptive. This entrepreneurship programme which includes numerous sharing sessions by successful entrepreneurs, thus gives our students critical knowledge and qualities needed to thrive in a highlight globalised world and serves as a motivation for students to always pursue their dreams and aspirations. In the work shadowing segment of the trip, Sirius Scholars are able to gain invaluable industry experience in the area of their interest and discover what it is like to work in the industry. In the overseas programme, they are exposed to the different working cultures globally, giving them the global awareness and cross-cultural skills to function as adaptable leaders who are assets to multi-national companies and are ready for the world.

  • Leadership Training Camp @ Yuhua

Pioneer JC’s Sirius scholars partnered with Yuhua Community Club to plan and organise a 2 Day 1 Night Leadership Camp for youths residing in Jurong GRC during the June holidays as part of their community involvement programme. The purpose of this event seeks to provide an opportunity for all Sirius Scholars to gain an insight into community work while also contribute positively back to society. In the process, Sirius Scholars will obtain the platform to learn important skills such as team work, communication and developing a sense of empathy for others.

Our Sirius Scholars leading their respective groups on a trek around Chinese Garden
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One of the camp participants sharing his experience and learning with Minister Grace Fu
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Group photo of all Sirius Scholars and participants with Minister Grace Fu
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  • LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development) Programme


The LEAD Programme is a one-day leadership training workshop organised by our Sirius Scholars for secondary three students from our W2 Cluster schools. This event was organised to provide a student oriented and broad-based leadership training platform for our secondary school students. The programme also inculcated interesting activities that allowed for learning of Mathematics and Science while developing leadership qualities such as team work and communication.

Our Principal, Mrs Tan, presenting the prizes to the winning team
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Our Sirius Scholar, Cammie, hosting and facilitating the ICT segment of the LEAD Programme
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Our Sirius Scholars as facilitators of leadership infused games played during the event
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Some of our success stories in recent years:

1)    Natasha Ann Lum Mei Seem from 14A01, President’s Scholarship


2)    Our 2016 MOHH Scholars! (Wong Yik Siong 12S01, Lydia Tham 14S01, Leon Lim 12S27 and Stephanie Lee Li Hui 14S23)



3) Janzen Koh from 09A07, SAF Scholarship (Fighter Pilot)


4)    Jeremy Chin Yit Phooi from 13A05, PSC Scholarship (Overseas)


5)    Zhu Difu from 12S13, MERW Scholarship (Overseas)