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JC2 Dialogue Session with Minister S Iswaran

Pioneer Junior College (PJC) welcomed Minister S Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry, to engage with the JC2 cohort during the SG Perspectives Dialogue Session, a session where students get an opportunity to interact closely with a senior member of the Singapore’s government. Minister S Iswaran’s presentation focused on the role of the industry and trade in Singapore and the essential role those areas play in maintaining Singapore’s place on the world stage economically. His discussion with the JC2 students and staff was geared towards three major areas in maintaining the economic position and allowing it to also continue to see robust growth while facing current and future trends. These areas included: (1) educating the workforce for the demands of the future economy; (2) preparing students to create value in their future careers; and (3) inculcating a willingness and the ability for Singaporeans to take chances and to move from failure to success with increased entrepreneurism.


Minister Iswaran ended his presentation with a challenge for PJC’s JC2 students to be thoughtful of, not only their own individual futures, but to also consider how they fit into Singapore’s overall economic future. The Q&A session that followed allowed the students to broaden the conversation by asking about many varied issues such as concerns about the current and future economy and the government’s priorities in these areas. Students benefited from the interesting insights shared by Minister Iswaran and were grateful for the opportunity to discuss with a Minister regarding current issues facing them today and in their future.


2018 JC2 SG Perspectives with Minister S Iswaran

SG Perspectives Question and Answer Session

SG Perspectives Question and Answer Session

Conversation with Minister S Iswaran