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19th Student Council Investiture

The 19th Student Council Investiture, Iridescence, was held on Wednesday, 16th May 2018. Iridescence is the phenomenon where certain surfaces appear to change colour when the angle of view or illumination changes. Similar to how different angles of view come together to create the beautiful iridescent effect, the 19th Student Council consists of leaders, each with their own unique brand of leadership, uniting as a strong driving force to create a lasting impact on the lives of all Pioneers.

The Investiture was a special and touching event for all Student Councillors as it marked the handover of the duty of service to the College from the 18th to the 19th Student Council. Principal, Mrs Tan shared how the 18th Student Council has grown during their term of service and commended them for their achievements during the past year. Guest-of-Honour Mr Chia Kim Huat, a Partner and the Regional Head of the Corporate and Transactional Practice at Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP, shared an inspirational message on what it means to be an exceptional leader.

Arrival of our Guest-of-Honour Mr Chia Kim Huat

 The momentous handover ceremony

With the mantle of leadership now with the 19th Student Council, they undertook the Council Oath and pledged to serve the college with pride and commitment, striving to be good leaders who contribute by initiating meaningful change, leading with compassion and mentoring with purpose.

19th Student Council President, Khong Wykinn 18S02, leading the oath

 The 18th and 19th Student Council, Pioneer Junior College