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Elemental 2018: Distant Worlds

Entitled ‘Distant Worlds’, the college's biennial performing arts concert, Elemental 2018, was successfully held at Kallang Theatre on 28th April 2018 to a full house with an audience of over 1200 people. Mr Kenny Teo, Managing Director of Gain City, was the Guest-of-Honour for this production.

The objective of this production was to provide a platform for students to experience being part of an integrated inter-CCA production and develop a greater appreciation of the art of theatre production.

To this end, the production adopted the format of a story-driven musical which purposefully integrated various performing arts CCAs provided crucial linkages in setting the relevant atmosphere and moving the story along. This was a refreshing change for many student performers who had participated in prior school concerts that were unlike Elemental 2018 in format. In addition to the performers, more than 70 student volunteers were involved in background production works in various student committees, including artistic design, props and sets construction, digital backdrops, marketing and ticketing.

Seamless integration of the performances by the performing arts CCAs

The highlight of the production was the finale item, which saw all performing arts CCAs on stage together, with Symphonic Band and Choir providing the live music, and English Drama Society, Modern Dance Club, Malay Cultural Society and Indian Cultural Society performing the celebratory dance to commemorate the union of the two tribes in the story. This was a fitting closure to demonstrate the talent of our Pioneers.

The Elemental team 2018