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17th College Day, Pioneer Fiesta 2 and Homecoming

Pioneer JC commemorated our 17th College Day on the 12th of May Saturday. As this was our final year in which we commemorate our College’s founding as Pioneer Junior College, 2 other events were held in conjunction, namely, the Homecoming and Pioneer Fiesta 2, in which we extended our invitation to our Pioneer Alumni and ex-teachers. 

As we celebrated the accomplishments and successes of our Pioneers in both the academic and co-curricular domains, we also reminisced on the wonderful memories forged within the college grounds for the final time. Our theme this year, “The Pioneer Story – Our Tapestry of Memories” weaved together a tapestry of memories to connect our Pioneers and our Alumni as we celebrated the College’s success in the past 18 years.

Our key partners and stakeholders like the College Advisory Committee, Parents’ Support Group and the Internationalisation partners turned up in full force in support of our event. They received the prestigious Friends of PJC and Partners Award from our Principal and Guest-of Honour Minister Gan Km Yong. Without their generous and unwavering support over the years, many of our college programmes and achievements would not have been possible. Their support has also allowed us to continuously improve on our college infrastructure and facilities, to provide an enriching environment for our students to learn and excel.

Guest-of-Honour, Minister Gan Kim Yong, with our Principal, CAC members and Patrons

It was a day where alumni, ex-teachers and staff got together to celebrate our bountiful success at this special point in history, reminiscing the past and looking towards the future. 


Homecoming (caption for above 2 photos)

We commissioned the launch of our very own Pioneer JC Children’s book “Live, Learn, Grow”. The stories were inspired by true accounts of our own students who displayed grit and resilience in overcoming difficulties and eventually achieving excellence in both academic and character development through the dedication and care of our teachers. As Pioneer JC comes to an illustrious closing, the book would be our lasting legacy to Singapore in instilling hope, grit and a passion to serve in our young Singaporeans.

 The Pioneer Story – Live, Learn Grow.

College Day guests receiving their own copy of the Pioneer Storybook


Profiled as one of the storybook characters, Ms Amanda Chong, our visually-impaired alumni joined us for the launch of the storybook.


On that same afternoon, we held our carnival, Pioneer Fiesta, where game stalls were designed by our own students with a focus on innovation. They had to reuse materials to design innovative games for their peers. Food stalls were also set up by external vendors. Our Parent Support Group supported this event by setting up drinks and ice-cream stalls too. Launched by Minister Gan, the carnival was a rousing success, where all staff and students, came together to enjoy an afternoon of fun and laughter. 

Our flagship carnival event, Pioneer Fiesta


We shared this joyous event with our residents from Teck Whye and launched our service learning project with Gain City too that day!

Giving out goodie bags sponsored by PJC patrons to needy families from Teck Whye


Launch of our service learning project with Gain City


Truly exemplifying our Pioneer spirit of care and compassion, it was a day that our college and the community came together in celebration. At the closing of Pioneer JC, we hope that our stories and our spirit will continue to inspire future generations to come.