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SMU Youth Innovation Challenge 2018

On 21April 2018, three teams from Pioneer Junior College participated in the annual Youth Innovation Challenge organised by the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Singapore Management University (SMU). This challenge was open to students from secondary schools, junior colleges and ITEs with the objective of promoting entrepreneurship among youths.

The theme for this year’s challenge was ‘Smart Cities’. Groups were pitted against one another to conceptualise an innovative product to address an area of need in the society so as to improve the quality of life of Singaporeans. Our three teams competed in the Senior Category, against 32 other teams from the various junior colleges. 

The three PJC teams competing in this year’s Youth Innovation Challenge.

Prior to the competitive pitch, the students underwent a weekend of training where they were introduced to design thinking and the business lean canvas in order to guide their ideation process. This was followed by a mentoring session where further guidance and feedback were given on their proposed product before the competitive pitch in front of esteemed judges, such as Ms Elim Chew, a social entrepreneur and founder of 77th Street, and Mr David Yin, a Business Development Manager from Google.

Team Polo 6 presenting their product, the Demenwatch, in the final pitching session in front of a large audience.

One of our competing groups, Team Polo 6, made it through the qualifying round and competed in the final round against 6 other JC teams. Their product, the Demenwatch, is a watch designed to track the whereabouts of patients with dementia, with features that allow a link-up to community volunteers to search for a dementia patient who has wandered off.


We are pleased to announce that the team has secured the title of ‘Best Go-To-Market Award’, with a prize money of $1500! Congratulations!

Mrs Tan-Kek Lee Yong, accompanied by the two teachers overseeing the competition, Mr Nur Izhar and Ms Lynsey Lee from the Project Work department.

Team Eureka – 18A10

Bracney Peh

Liong Xuan Yun

Wang Yijing

Yu Ruilin


Team Darwin – 18S20

Noah Lum

Athirah Nasuha

Deon Kong

Erlynne Haze Ong


Team Polo 6 – 18S16

Suen Wei Zhen

Michelle Lim

Jessica Charisse Novianto

Crystal Siew Yee Teng