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PJC-ActiveSG Football Partnership

Pioneer JC believes strongly in developing students both academically and holistically and we believe in working with potential partners which can add to our students' experiences as well as meaningfully contribute to the community.  













Principal Mrs Tan with Coach Mr Aleksander Duric

This year, we are proud to announce our partnership with ActiveSG’s Football Academy to develop our football players. ActiveSG's Football Academy has been actively organising grassroots activities and Community Programmes throughout the whole of Singapore. With this partnership, we hope that our football team can develop their skills under the careful mentorship of ActiveSG’s coaches, one of whom is Mr Aleksander Duric. At the same time, this partnership seeks to deepen our students' love for the game and also allow them to contribute back to the community and assist in facilitating grassroots football activities together with ActiveSG such as working with young aspiring Football players at the grassroots level, nurturing important leadership qualities and compassion. 

This will go a long way towards developing our students beyond simply school team representatives in the game, but valuable members of the Singapore football fraternity who are able to contribute more towards the sport in future.  

Team PJC Group Shot 1

 Team PJC Group Shot 2