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PJC Choir gains third SYF Distinction

Pioneer Junior College Choir continued to demonstrate a high level of dedication and musical cohesion by gaining their third consecutive Certificate of Achievement in the April 2017 Singapore Youth Festival competitions.

This came after a Gold Award gained at the 7th Winter Choral Festival in Hong Kong in November 2016 which showed that our choir is consistently performing up to international judging standards.

Earlier in 2016 the choir provided a solid base for the plot of PJC’s Performing Arts CCA showcase, ‘Elemental’, at the Kallang Theatre. They performed twice in the Esplanade Concert Hall in 2015: once as a guest choir and once on their own in the prestigious ‘Limelight’ series.


 PJC Choir Group Photo 1

 PJC Choir Group Photo 2

PJC Choir Group Photo 3