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PJC-JJC DSA Tea Session 2017

A unique and meaningful Direct School Admission (DSA) Tea Session was held on Saturday, 8 July in the Ngee Ann Kongsi Library in PJC.

The immensely successful event which was a combined effort by students and teachers of Pioneer JC (PJC) and Jurong JC (JJC), featured 18 CCA booths and college programmes. Both students and teachers worked well together to welcome guests to the event, which was co-organised for the first time. To top it off, there was an overwhelming response of about 200 visitors from more than 25 secondary schools coming to the PJC campus to learn more about what was on offer in the new merged JC.

The highlight of the morning was a joint presentation by principals of both colleges, Mrs Tan and Dr Hang. The crowd certainly got a glimpse of what awaits them in the future – the Best of the West!  The future is exciting indeed!


 Commencement of the second run of PJC-JJC DSA Tea Session

 Visitors from secondary school

 CCA Booth 1

CCA Booth 2

 Principal's Talk was Full House

 PJC Principal Mrs Tan-Kek Lee Yong and JJC Principal Dr Hang Kim Hoo interacting with parents