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JC2 National Education Dialogue Session

Pioneer Junior College welcomed Mr Desmond Lee, Minister, Prime Minister's Office, Second Minister for Home Affairs & Second Minister for National Development, and Deputy Leader of the House, to dialogue with the J2 students and staff of the college.


Minister Lee’s presentation was primarily focused on several important areas of vigilance Singapore in this age of uncertainty.  His discussion was pointed at not only helping students better understand the role of the Ministry of Home Affairs in the defense of the nation, but also how we as citizens and residents have an important role to play in assisting the Ministry in its endeavours in keeping Singapore safe from unconventional attacks and how these are part of the national imperative of Total Defense.


His discussion was not only directed at deepening understanding of how Ministry of Home Affairs in national defense, but also the importance of the role we as citizens and residents play in keeping Singapore safe, especially from unconventional attacks, and various aspects of Total Defense. Minister Lee ended his presentation with an invitation for PJC’s students to be thoughtful of all those areas in which they could assist the authorities in safe and also to consider careers that could improve cyber-security and other security threats in the future.


Minister Lee, an informative and entertaining speaker, then engaged the students in a Q & A session allowing the students present to broaden the conversation by asking about many varied issues, but with most questions regarding the areas broached in the talk. The student body was enriched by the many areas that were discussed with them by Minister Lee.


 Talk by Guest of Honour Mr. Desmond Lee, Minister, PMO

 Dialogue Session with Minister Desmond Lee

 Q&A Session 1

Q&A Session 2