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China Studies 10th Anniversary

To commemorate China Studies 10th Anniversary since its introduction in 2007, a special celebration was held on the 11th August 2017 in Pioneer JC. The theme for the event was ‘China Savvy Youths, Future Ready Singapore.’ The theme sought to engage the fraternity in a sharing and discussion on the current state of knowledge and skills in young Singaporeans and their readiness to engage a changing China and an increasingly complex world. The event saw a rousing response from both China Studies in English (CSE) and China Studies in Chinese (CSC) teachers and students from all junior colleges/IP schools. 


Talk by GOH Professor Chan Heng Chee

Group photo with Professor Chan

The Guest-of-Honour, Professor Chan Heng Chee, Ambassador-at-Large, Minister for Foreign Affairs gave her keynote address for this conference on the China-US relations in the context of Asia and its implications for Singapore. Being the Ambassador-at-Large, and having been Singapore’s Ambassador to the United States and Singapore’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, her wealth of experience in foreign affairs has provided her wealth of experience in foreign affairs had provided students and teachers insights into the world of international relations and diplomacy.


Use of ICT to increase level of engagement

 Panel of Judges

Her keynote address was also followed by the inaugural China Studies Challenge Trophy competition. Student teams from the 12 colleges/IP schools competed in their knowledge and skills with regard to contemporary China in two rounds of quizzes and an oratorical segment. Hwa Chong Institute emerged the champion and took home the Challenge Trophy. 1st and 2nd runners-up were Dunman High School and Eunoia Junior College respectively.


The Champion Team of 2017