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PJC's first Mid-Autumn Celebration – ONE Pioneer, ONE Reunion

It was drizzling on 3 October 2017, when we celebrated PJC's first Mid-Autumn at the concourse. But the rain did not dampen the ONE Pioneer spirit at all. Everyone felt the ONE Pioneer spirit, and enjoyed the festivities like a big family.

Apart from the hundreds of mooncakes contributed by the Parents’ Support Group, the students and guests also enjoyed a wide array of local food, including pomelos, ice-cream, Chinese tea, Tea Tarik, Roti Prata, etc. They also had fun singing along with their teachers their favourite songs, taking part in lantern-making and other games.

The Inaugural Mid-Autumn Night Study Special Family Day was a roaring success – a great reunion for all!


Principal, Mrs Tan, College Advisory Committee members and Parents Support Group in

our Inaugural Mid-Autumn Festival !


Students enjoyed the food and fun in the event – a much-needed break

and stress relief in the preparation for Promos and A-levels!