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Farewell Assembly 2017

Farewell Assembly 2017 was held on 11 October 2017 with the theme ‘O.N.E. Conquer’, ie. “ONE Pioneer, We Conquer The Future”. The graduating batch reminisced their journey in PJC, particularly the many memories they had with their friends in their orientation and other various involvements in the college such as the Elemental and College Day.

 The event was made more memorable with the presence of the Guest Speaker, Dr. Tan Kwan Hong, an alumnus from the batch of 2005-2006 who shared about his constant efforts in improving himself in his academic pursuits and in developing other soft skills such as public speaking. It was a story of inspiration to each graduating student.

In addition, the graduating students were reminded of the love and support from each and every member of the Pioneer family. The Parents’ Support Group had handwritten and personalized the 639 notes, and funded the gifts of encouragement for each and every J2 student. The 18th Student Council and the Pioneer Alumni Circle provided the Welfare Packs to encourage the J2s on the final phase of their preparations for the GCE ‘A’ Level Examination. The Pioneer Alumni Circle also sponsored the EZ-Link cards for every graduating student.  The teachers (the Civics Tutors, co-Civics Tutors and subject tutors) also conveyed their best wishes via the video segment and treated their students with food and drinks.

We wish the graduating students all the best in the future endeavours and Conquer The Future!


The Parents’ Support Group with the personalised notes

Guest Speaker: Dr. Tan Kwan Hong

The Graduation Ceremony: Mr Steve Poh and Mr Goh Miaoguang

with their Class Manager and Assistant Class Manager

Our graduating batch singing our college song for the last time