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Open House 2018

Jurong Pioneer JC Open House 2018 was held on 13th January 2018. Despite rainy weather and amidst the backdrop of 12 other junior colleges having their Open House on the same day, the large number of 3005 visitors served as a huge encouragement and lifted the spirits of our staff and students. 

The alumni turned up in full force on the day of release of O Level results to assist in publicising our Open House. They gave out flyers and encouraged their juniors to choose the JC path. The feedback collated from this mass outreach activity was heartening. Most of the students expressed gratitude in being given the opportunity to engage their juniors and share their experiences. The rest who did not take part in the mass outreach activity stayed in the college to prepare for the Open House. Collectively, students and teachers from both Jurong (JJC) and Pioneer JC (PJC) came together to design the various subject and CCA booths.

The exciting and informative programmes planned for the day received positive reviews from visitors. The visitors were engaged in a myriad of activities which included college tours, lesson observations, booths for both subjects and co-curricular activities (CCA). The staff and students manning the subject booths gave a comprehensive introduction to the different subjects available in Jurong Pioneer JC as well as responded to the queries from prospective students and parents alike. Furthermore, the “Dialogue with the Principals” helmed by our college’s Principal, Mrs Tan and Principal-Designate, Dr Hang were very well-received, as evident from the full turn-out at the lecture theatre. The engaging talks were followed by a ‘Question and Answer’ session for parents to find out more about the college or the junior college curriculum in general. In addition, The college tours conducted by the Ambassadors as well as Student Councillors of both PJC and JJC were also very well received. As expected, Kai, the PJC mascot continued to be a popular part of open house with our visitors interacting enthusiastically with him. 

Additionally, the concert put up by PJC and JJC’s performing arts groups personified the vibrant college life as well as the talents of the students. The modern dancers even showcased an original piece specially choreographed for the Open House. The event was a rousing success and served to signify the collective strength of Jurong Pioneer JC and the very successful coming together of JJC and PJC. 

Ambassadors and Student Councillors from JJC and PJC !

The subject combination booths, proving to be the crowd puller once again!

Full House “Dialogue with the Principals”

2 sessions of full house “Dialogue with the Principals