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Champions of National Infocomm Competition

The Infocomm Club participated in the 2017 National Infocomm Competition (NIC) Face-Off | Community-Driven Data Stories Competition, where they were assessed on their ability to analyse and present data in a visually-engaging manner. The team consisted of three students, Huang Hongrui (17S12), Liang Shih Yul (17S22) and Min Khant Htoo (17S23). The judges were impressed by how the team made in-depth use of research data in analysing the quality of Singapore’s education system, and the team’s ability to succinctly capture their analysis and findings using a visualisation tool, Tableau. The college is extremely proud to announce that the team managed to beat strong contenders from NUS High School and Dunman High School to emerge as Champions in this competition, walking away with $5000 worth of prizes and vouchers. 

The team at the prize presentation ceremony.

The team explaining their analysis and research findings to one of the judges. 

A judge viewing the team's visualisation.