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National Coding Championships - First and Second place Winners!

Two teams of students comprising of Computing and Infocomm Club students represented the college at the 2018 National Coding Championships held at the National University of Singapore (NUS) on 24 March 2018. The four students qualified from a group comprising more than 350 students who participated in the qualifying round of the senior category.


They competed in an e-sports fashion where they wrote codes controlling the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of their troops, and then pitted their army against those of other schools in a live playoff.


The teams coded and simulated their code for two hours before the live playoffs.


Both teams beat other schools like Dunman High and National Junior College to clinch both the First and Second place in the National Coding Championships.



The winning teams with their teachers and Associate Professor Chris Boesch from SMU, organiser of the competition.


Teams from various schools in the nation crafting and editing their code.


The two winning teams (from left to right): n First Place, Wang Chuanze from 18S23 and Zhao Jiaqi from 17S22, and in                           Second Place, Vignesh Ezhil and Francisco Audrick Ken Ancheta from 17S22