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Mother Tongue Fortnight 2018

Mother Tongue Fortnight 2018 began on 26 March, and concluded successfully on 6 April. A series of activities were lined up for our students throughout the fortnight.


To encourage students to learn more about their Mother Tongue languages, the college organised many exciting events such as A Xinyao song appreciation session was conducted by a professional concert production company which shared many locally written songs with our students. In addition, students also had a fun time enjoying Nasi Ambeng, while learning the significance of it in the Malay culture. Others had a chance to learn learn acting in the context of Indian traditional folklore drama.


Students at the Xinyao Appreciation Session


Students were also able to put their creativity to good use such as learning Batik Painting, Chinese Opera Mask Painting, Fan Painting, Paper-cutting and Seal Carving. Some students were more interested in physically-challenging workshops and signed up for Wushu (Martial Arts) or Waist Drum.


Students enjoying their delicious Nasi Ambeng while learning about its significance.


In the second week of the Fortnight, students took part in various quizzes, such as the Malay Language Quiz, Tamil Short Story Writing Competition and the Chinese Riddles Quiz and walked away with many attractive prizes, and most important of all, having been exposed to many exciting activities unique to our Mother Tongue cultures.




Students enjoying themselves at the paper-cutting workshop


Students at the end of the Wushu workshop