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College-Initiated Awards (old)

PJC - Jian Li Scholarship





The inaugural PJC-Jian Li Scholarship Award was officially incorporated into the Pioneer JC Needy Student Fund by Dr Ting Choon Meng, Executive Chairman and CEO HealthSTATS in 2012. The fund aims to provide students who are financially challenged with the necessary assistance so that they can benefit from a well-rounded education despite their constraints. Dr Ting shares a similar philosophy with PJC in believing that all students should be given an equal opportunity in pursuing their goals toward academic excellence and character development. In the face of adversity, needy Pioneers can rise to the occasion by overcoming difficulties and standing on a level playing field with their peers in their pursuits.


In the midst of helping students cope financially, the fund aims to educate and imbibe the important values of contributing back to the community and the college. The fund aims to establish its sustainability through contributions from bursary awardees once they achieved financial independence in the workforce to resonate the college’s values of nurturing Compassionate Leaders and Committed Learners.


The quantum for the Scholarship Award is S$1000 per year.




Dr Ting Choon Meng presenting the Jian Li Scholarship Award to one of the receipients during 2012 College Day.




The recipients of the Jian Li Scholarship Award.


PJC - YIDE Scholarship




The PJC-YIDE Scholarship Award was initiated by our CAC member Ms Dilys Yong since 2011. "YIDE" means "Inner Happiness" in Tibetan Language, which is translated from the Chinese words "心乐". Ms Dilys Yong wishes to share with our Pioneers that happiness comes from within when they are able to help others. She hopes that all award recipients will be able to build up the spirit of giving - the spirit of helping needy people.


The quantum for the Scholarship Award is S$1000 per year.


PJC-YIDE Scholarship Outstanding Achievement Award

In 2012, our donor Ms Yong has created a special award for one of our Pioneer batch of the PJC-YIDE Scholarship recipients, to recognise him for his outstanding achievement in the 2011 A Level Examination. She also would like to use this award to encourage and motivate the current JC2 Scholarship recipients to work hard so that they would have a chance to receive this special award during college day in subsequent years.




Ms Dilys Yong presenting the Outstanding Achievement Award to Chong Yun Peng from 10S27.