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School counselling is a service provided by the school to help students make decisions or manage life issues. In the process, it is hoped that students will be able to acquire skills to enhance their resilience and thereby leading to better academic performance. School counselling will involve helping the students in the following areas:

Personal Issues
- Self-Esteem
- Grief and Loss
- Stress Management
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Relationship Issues

Educational Issues
- Motivation and academic goals
- Study Skills
- Time Management
- Learning Styles
- Behavior Management and Support
- Supporting students with special needs

Career Counselling
- Personality Profiling
- Career Choices and Influences
- Education Pathways Guidance
- Career Decision Making

How to access our services?

You can meet our friendly full-time school counsellor by...


1) direct walk-in into the Loft (on level 3)


2) calling to fix an appointment (Tel: 65646878 ext 269)


3) sending him an email (sng_wee_kiang_wesley@moe.edu.sg)      


              Mr Wesley Sng               
                             Mr Wesley Sng
                       Full-time School Counsellor


We aim to develop our students by providing opportunities to acquire the necessary competencies to be more resilient as they deal with the various transitions of life.

To do this, we aim to create a safe, confidential and caring environment that will allow our students and stakeholders to explore their options and concerns.

We acknowledge our clients as the real experts of their own needs and we respect the confidentiality of our clients. However, this confidentiality will have to be broken when our clients wants to harm himself or herself, harm others or legal considerations override the withholding of information.