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Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

ECG in Pioneer JC aims to:


  • Build Pioneers’ CONFIDENCE through enhancing the self-awareness of their interests, skills, values and strengths


  • Increase Pioneers’ motivation for learning and seeking CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT by helping them establish clear goals and perceive the relevance of their education


  • Nurture Pioneers' strength of CHARACTER in enhancing the ability to make effective decisions and having a sense of COMMITMENT for the present and the future


  • Develop in Pioneers 21st century worker qualities of proactivity, adaptability and resilience to excel in the world of work, while showing COMPASSION to others


As such, students are exposed to ECG-related activities such as Career Seminar, Work Shadowing Programme, ECG talks, University Visits and Higher Education Day, so that they are prepared for post-JC learning and work.


  Career Seminar 2011 - 1Career Seminar 2011 - 2

       Career Seminar



 Work Shadowing - 1Work Shadowing - 2

 Work Shadowing Programme



'Work shadowing at School of Thought last year was indeed an eye-opener and rewarding for me as I had the opportunity to experience for myself what social entrepreneurship was  like for the very first time. I'm thankful to the school for giving me this chance."

Jamie Ng Zi Qian   11S19
Attached to School of Thought 

PJC Workshadowing Programme



To find out more about ECG in Pioneer Junior College, please click on the picture below to access the ECG e-handbook:  


 ECG e-Handbook


Please visit the following for more information on:

Career options - ecareers.sg

Higher education options and scholarships - Student Development Corner in the PJC library.


Alternatively, you may approach your CTs or the following ECG Teacher Advisors for advice:


ECG Teacher Advisor


Queries on:


Mr. Ariffin


studying in the USA and Canada


Ms Kelly Chua


studying in Asia (China/ Hong Kong/ Japan)


Mdm Tan Lee Peng


studying in Australia and New Zealand


Ms Valerie Tan


studying in the UK and Europe, scholarships


Mrs Natasha Tay


local university admissions


Mr. Hou Kiat Ping


local university admissions


Mr. Wesley Sng

FT School Counselling

career counselling