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Pioneer Community Partnerships Programme


The Pioneer Community Partnerships Programme aims to forge collaborative partnerships with the community to extend the learning experience of students such as through Citizenship Education, CIP/Service Learning, Social Entrepreneurship, Overseas Immersion Programmes and linking with external partners and stakeholders such as Parents, Alumni and CAC.

Community partnership at Pioneer Junior College is one that strives to achieve two main objectives: to keep our stakeholders aware and to provide opportunities for their involvement. This is achieved through the engagement of parents and alumni, as well as through programs like social entrepreneurships.

From the moment a student steps into our family, their parents are invited for Parents' Conference where the JC curriculum and the Pioneer experience that their child will receive is introduced. Our Meet-the-Parents Day also gives timely updates to parents, a support system that the college takes pride in. In addition, the various talks and seminars aim to equip parents to better support their child.

Our alumni may be relatively young, but their presence is felt in the programs we have. Their involvement in supporting our students in academic revision program and motivational talks to sports participation and movie marathon is something our students can identify with.

We believe that Social Entrepreneurships complements the co-curricular realm of education here. Through programs like Citibank-YMCA Youth-For-Cause and PaTH Market at Vivocity, we want to do our part to generate social change.

We warmly welcome any enquiry from potential partners to enrich our students' Pioneer JC experience. For now, welcome aboard!

Service Learning

Service Learning is as much cognitive as affective. Pioneers need to think, plan, assess, review, refine, consider different perspectives, manage expectations and work as a team as well as document reflection and learning points. This commitment to active citizenship through Service Learning empowers Pioneers to develop as thinking, compassionate leaders, thus achieving the Desired Outcomes of Education for JC students to "Lead Singapore". To this end, Pioneers are encouraged to initiate Service Learning projects and serve in external organizations of their choice, subject to the college's approval of their proposal.

Apart from student-initiated Service Learning Projects, Pioneers are provided opportunities to participate in community service projects with our partners such as the Metro for Children project and the bi-annual Project Agape which was initiated by Pioneers in 2007 when the National University Hospital ran low on blood stocks and patients had to postpone elective surgery.

At Pioneer JC, each graduating Pioneer is expected to have served the community for at least 14 hours before graduation but Pioneers far exceed this number - the highest exceeded 400 hours!

The following awards are given out in recognition of the number of hours served to the community.


15 - 25 hrs

26 - 40 hrs 41 - 75 hrs 76 - 100 hrs

More than 100 hrs
1 Student-initiated Service Learning Project

Citizenship Education Programme

The Citizenship Education Programme has adopted the MOE CONE (Committee on National Education) 2007 Framework in enhancing national identity, racial integration and a sense of rootedness by promoting more opportunities for active citizenship that applies a 'Head, Heart and Hands' approach. Aiming to make citizenship education even more embedded, not only in the lives of our students, but our teachers as well, the CE Committee has also engaged the community around us, like the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

Overseas Development Programme

  1. Sports Trip to Malaysia 
  2. Symphonic Band Exchange Trip to Tawian 
  3. Twinning Programme to Beijing, China 
  4. ODAC Adventure Trip to Sabah, Malaysia 
  5. Cultural Exchange Trip to India 
  6. Study Trip to Australia 

Spreading the Spirit of Social Entrepreneurship

To instill a sense of social responsibility as well as the spirit of enterprise in the students, the college introduced the concept of Social Entrepreneurship to the students through the Citibank-YMCA Youth for Causes Programme. Citibank-YMCA Youth For Causes, is a community initiative jointly organized by Citibank Singapore and YMCA of Singapore and sponsored by Citigroup Foundation. It aims at being a catalyst to promote social entrepreneurship and developing community leadership among youth in Singapore.

The college promoted the programme to the JC1 cohort intensively by raising awareness of social entrepreneurship publicising the programme through talks, sharing sessions, workshops, and exhibitions
In recognition of the contributions of college's active promotion and support for the Citibank-YMCA Youth For Causes programme, the college was awarded the Most Supportive School Award with cash prize of $5000.

Engaging China Programme

The Engaging China Programme (ECP) launched since Sep 08 aimed to broaden and deepen students' understanding of China's political, socio-cultural and economic dynamism and its potential in the future, in response to the growing interest in China among the various stakeholders. The programme offers opportunities for students to gather experiences that would help them engage China in future. Activities and programmes include seminar talks and sharing sessions on developments in China by distinguished speakers and alumni members, immersion programmes to China, etc.

To support the growing interest among the students in China, the ECP also oversees the China Desk, a new co-curricular activity club started in 2009 by students offering China Studies. Students could opt to join the China Desk to plan and organise activities to help broaden and deepen their understanding in the subject and also raise awareness among the larger student body the key developments in China today.