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Pioneer Leadership Programme


The Pioneer Leadership Programme aims to groom every Pioneer to be a Compassionate Leader through leadership education, scholar development activities and promoting student-initiated activities.

Leadership Development @ PJC

The college aims to groom each and every Pioneer to be a compassionate leader. We aspire our leaders to innovate, initiate, inspire, commit, persevere and care.

The college's Student Leadership Programme has 2 stages: providing training and providing opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to identify training needs and choose opportunities of interest.

There are basically 4 levels of leadership involvement: Student Council, CCA Leaders, Class Managers and project leaders.

The college has also identified 6 broad categories of leadership skills and competencies and work reviews for student leaders by the teachers.

Some of the key events of the Student Leadership Programme:
  • Level-wide Leadership Training
  • Class Managers and Asst. Class Managers Training 
  • Leadership Training Camp 
  • Student Leaders Work Review with Teachers 

Student Council

The Student Council is a student body that is elected by their peers in April or May every year. Its objectives are to improve the general welfare of the student body and to act as a liaison between college administration and the students.

The Student Councilors organise dialogue sessions with students to obtain feedback and suggestions. The student council also organises the college events like Orientation, Teachers' Day Celebrations, Open House and Graduation Night.

The student councilors also go through leadership courses/ workshops to be equipped with the necessary skills to manage their areas of work.

Sirius Scholars Programme

The Sirius Scholars Programmes aims to develop the profile & portfolio of high ability students by equipping them with leadership skills and providing opportunities to initiate, organise and lead community outreach projects.