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Pioneer Well Being Programme




The Pioneer Well Being Programme aims to create a supportive and caring environment to nurture the cognitive, psychological, socio-emotional, and physical well being of the students.


Counselling Programme

The aim of our Counselling Programme is to help students make decisions or manage life issues. Through this process, students acquire skills to enhance their resilience leading to better academic performance.


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Career and Higher Education Programme

Students are exposed to higher education and career guidance related activities such as Career Seminar, Workshadowing programme, Higher Education programme so that students are prepared for post JC learning and work.


Workshadowing Programme

What is Workshadowing?

Work shadowing involves a student observing a worker in his or her daily tasks. Through this guided experience, the student would have a better understanding of the working environment and take necessary steps to develop himself or herself to prepare for the world of work in the future.






Why Workshadowing?

Pioneer Junior College is an institution that is committed to nurturing a community of committed learners and compassionate leaders.


In our effort to develop committed learners, we are constantly seeking opportunities beyond the classroom to extend our boundaries of learning. We see work shadowing as an extension of our nurturing process and a viable means to extend this learning process.



"I was surprised to hear from the CEO that I was confident. Personally I have never thought of myself as a confident person."
Neiw Ting Ting, 06S14
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Affective Development Programme

The main objectives of the programme is to inculcate in our students our college valuesand basic social-emotional skills through the Civics tutorial programme and the Assembly Programme.



Student Management Programme

Our aim is to groom Pioneers to be life-long learners -- creative, resourceful, seeking continuous improvement, having good communication skills and possessing a spirit of inquiry. They will be committed, confident, independent, responsible, resilient individuals whose actions are governed by integrity, humility and compassion, making them an asset to the nation.



Physical Health Programme

Objectives of the Physical Education (PE) Programme

The college's PE Programme aims to achieve the following:

  • Develop the individual both physically and mentally;
  • Further develop the psycho-motor skills of every individual;
  • Create opportunities for social interaction through games;
  • Instill an appreciation for a lifelong healthy lifestyle


Areas of Focus

The college's PE curriculum emphasises:

Physical Fitness (NAPFA Test)

    • All students are required to undergo the annual NAPFA Test. Only students who have been granted medical exemptions will be excused from the NAPFA Test. NS-liable JC2 students will be granted a 2-month reduction in National Service if they achieve a Silver or Gold Award for the NAPFA Test.
Healthy Living
    • All students will be taught a range of curriculum sports and games. The curriculum focuses on skill acquisition, understanding and application of game rules, and tactical and strategic thinking. All students will have the basic game-skills to pursue their athletic interests after leaving the college.

Weight Management

    • The height and weight of all students will be measured at the start of each semester. Students who are overweight will have their weight monitored by their respective PE teachers on a regular basis. Students will also be encouraged to adopt regular exercise regimes and proper dietary habits.